About me


To go in a relaxed way, comfortable but without losing an apex of good taste. Shoes that respect your balance when shopping, staying with your friends or taking a walk in the park.

Join the comfort of the lightness of our designs.

Enjoy the sophistication of the most daring European trend. Bohemian style and that looks good with everything: pants, skirts, minis, monkeys. Style that combines distinction and exclusivity in the day to day. Matching match with the complements BYMARA, that soon will arrive. Stay tuned to our blog.

From its beginnings the brand, is committed to the elegant woman, and ready to skip all the rules. A unique woman, who does not fear to live to the limit. Exclusive designs for exclusive women. We will be happy to make personalized collections. Choose skins, textures, colors, shape and height of your heel. We will wait for you.



BYMARA bets on footwear with its own identity, developing small collections loaded with illusion and sophistication. From the beginning of the design, to carrying the whole process in the most artisan way. Following the most traditional techniques with the pride of saying MADE IN SPAIN.

The powerful creative spirit and the distinction for a job well made to measure, make your dreams come true. The fusion between a traditional production method and an innovative design, are the key to a constantly evolving firm.

The secret of each pair of BYMARA shoes, are each and every one of the people involved in its manufacture. Expert hands that shape the skin in a living process, which begins on the drawing board and ends with the shoe finished inside its box.

Our process is a complex choreography in which the manual work coexists with an organic process, where the passion for skins, heels and details, turn each BYMARA into a story told in the feet of each woman.