Marajai started in February 2016 with two great designers well known in the fashion industry, Jaime Romero Valeverde borned in Cuenca living in Sax (Alicante) and Mara Muñoz Mata from Cuba and know living in Alicante.

Joined by a dream of making the most traditional into something highly avant-garde. We firmly believe for a handmade shoe made with the best quality materials and with an artisanal process that ensures high quality and outstanding finishes.

Each one of the magical materials needed to elaborate these masterpieces designs are from spanish origins: From the fabric and lather, continuing by the hand-made process of the production. Caring about each detail, for a finish, difficult to beat by many firms.

We believe in an exclusive shoe model with a unique identity. A big creative spirit and big doses of illusion is what takes us to develop small collections that makes our shoes accessible to all those women with strong personality and want to be different.

Marajai best saved secrete is the process of each small detail taken by our team in the manufacturing process.

Each one of them experts in Spain’s hand-made shoes. Each detail starting from the design and pattern of the product on paper, finishing with the packaging made with love and passion for a well-done work. Every detail counts, and in Marajai we are experts in making the smallest detail in something big.

Come in our world, and let us seduce you with our models.

Your dreams are our dreams.